Sunday, 13 March 2011

Rome Tours and Vatican Tours

Shore Excursions Rome have become popular, and not just with passengers arriving in Civitavecchia. Cruise ships to Rome are regarded as floating cash points by some of the bigger italian limo services and their ever-so-smart drivers. They've really hogged the limelight in recent years and charge an arm and a leg for a quick drive (and some kind of tour) to Rome and back. This is a service standard in dire need of improvements and we are working extremely hard to do our bit! Our own shore excursions to Rome from Civitavecchia and back are of a very high standard indeed. We now offer top quality Italy shore excursions and port transfers from Messina, Palermo, Venice, and Livorno too.

We are hoping that our Vatican City tours this year will be as popular as ever, if not more so. They are unique in that the sheer volume of works of art in the Vatican Museums means that it is essential to book with the right tour agency. Always, always book your Vatican tours through a local agency. Booking online through a major tour operator is not recommended, they hire freelance guides they'll never meet who greet their customers on a street corner near the Vatican they've never seen - it will only end in tears!

A final word about TA! TripAdvisor Rome used to be a paragon of virtue in so far as reviews of Rome and Vatican tours were concerned, but now, no one cares. TA has become a drawing board for illegal guides to write their way to the top.

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