Monday, 9 July 2012

Wine Tours Rome

When In Rome Tours are now running day trips to a wine producing facility near Frascati. Many Romans enjoy the flavours of both red and white wines from Rieti, Valmontone, and the ancient Etruscan town of Cerveteri. For visitors to Rome, however, the conveniently closer towns which together comprise the Castelli Romani, an area renowned for highly regarded DOC white wines Novello, Superiore, and Novello Superiore, are more appealing.

Frascati is the best known town in the Castelli Romani. It's location, amidst a beautiful expanse of forests and lakes, is just 18 kms south of Rome. The twin crater lakes of Albano and Nemi are nearby, both of which proffer splendid panoramic views. Delicious food and delectable wines have made Frascati a magnet for city dwellers in the hot summer months of July and August.

Our private wine tour departs Rome along the Appian Way and passes by the vineyards of Marino, another town famous for the production of white wine, then continues on to Frascati where we spend half a day in the grounds of local wine producing villa Tenimento di Casamara.

The villa was built over a 1st Century AD settlement in the same location as a 300 year old farm used for olive oil production. Here we can see how wine is made, stroll through the vineyards, and taste the final product.

Lunch is taken in the grounds. Options include visits to the towns of Ariccia, Genzano, Velletri and Montecompatri for more wine tasting and sightseeing. Picturesque Ariccia and Genzano proffer outstanding views of the Tyrrhenian sea. Ariccia, steeped in myth and legend, is mentioned in the prologue and epilogue of Frazer's Golden Bough, which introduces the reader to the high priestess Diana Nemorensis. Diana's image has adorned wine bottles and amphorae produced in the area since Rome's republican era.

When In Rome Tours now offer a selection of private wine tasting excursions in Grottaferrata, and introductory tastings in Rome's ancient city centre.

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